Ron Mueck et Cimetière du Père Lachaise

ron mueck

I met Claudia, and we went to an exhibition at the Cartier Fondation de l’Art Contemporain with an artist called Ron Mueck, a hyperrealist sculptor. He makes these incredibly life-like sculptures of all different sort of people. The exhibition had about 7 of his pieces. The one I thought was the best was an older couple sitting under a parasol. It really was amazing how real it looked, appart from the fact that it was quite large, you could see shaving spots on the woman’s legs, individual hairs on the eyebrows, and veins under the skin. He also did a woman carrying shopping bags and a baby tucked in her coat, one of a young couple and also one of the artists face which was rather eery. We then watched a documentary which showed how he had made these models which was fascinating. It takes a lot of work! We both really enjoyed the exhibition and I’d definitely go and see his work again if I had the opportunity.

Eye Catching Sculpture of Women Shopping with her baby

Afterwards I went to Père Lachaise cemetery which I had long wanted to visit. I saw the graves of the great french writers Molière, La Fontaine, Balzac. And the famous grave of Oscar Wilde which is now clean, no longer covered with kisses, protected with glass and surrounded by a metal barrier…. It somewhat took the magic out of it I must say. The cemetery felt so very peaceful, and though huge, I enjoyed walking around it as it was such a beautiful day.

IMG_2405IMG_2407 IMG_2415 IMG_2401


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