Une dimanche à Paris, avec Pandora


On sunday, I took Pandora to my weekly market, and she couldn’t believe how many roast chickens there were! We then went to the Arc de Triumphe and climbed to the top to see my favourite view of Paris. After all the stairs, a Ladurée macaron was well deserved, and as usual they were to die for. We even got a free one each in the queue which we were chuffed with. We then walked to the Musée Rodin, and saw some impressive statues.


We walked through the Jardin de Luxembourg on the way to dinner, and watched some old men play Boules for a while, then went into the Pantheon, (famous for Foucault’s pendulum which unfortunately has been removed for 3 years!) and in the crypts we saw Victor Hugo’s tomb along with many other celebrated Frenchmen. For dinner we went Au P’tit Grec for the best savoury crepe in Paris. We had the galette du chef with mozzarella  ham, onions, tomatos and lettuce – delicious! Then we had to go home for Pandoras massive bag (full of all my stuff) and go to the Gare du Nord, I was sad to see her go.



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