Pandora arrives in Paris!


Last friday Pandora arrived in the morning, and we started our day with a giant buttery pain au chocolat! We then ventured into the centre of Paris, walking through the flower market to Shakespeare & Co. Then I took her to the Haute Couture exhibition at the Hotel de Ville where we saw lots of amazing dresses, including the classic chanel suits. Afterwards we went to get a falafel to share from our favourite falafel shop – Chez Hana, which we devoured, on our way to the Pompidou centre. Even though I had been before there was a lot of new pieces I hadn’t seen, some of which were great. The one Pandora liked in particular was one of women praying, all in lines about 30 of them and the shapes of their bodies had been used to create moulds out of tin foil. The effect of them all lined up and each a different shape was very effective.. There was also a new exhibition by Jesús Rafael Soto, who similar to the artists in Dynamo created optical illusions with his art. We had to walk through these suspended skinny plastic poles one by one. We went back home and cooked dinner and watched a new french film about an old couple, called Amour. It was very sad!



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