La Maison de Balzac et Le Musée Rodin



Last week I also visited Balzacs house which I had long wanted to see, after my Aunts high recommendations and my love of his literature. Honoré de Balzac was a french writer and playwright, acclaimed to be “the French Dickens”. His house was beautiful, tucked away in the west of Paris, it was so peaceful in the garden and with a view of the tip of the Eiffel Tower. There were many sculptures and paintings of him and annotated copies of his works, but our favourite thing was the room of stamps. There was a collection of about 50 or so stamps of the characters and scenes from his novels, which were so intricately made. It must have taken so long to print books in those days! Downstairs there was a rather odd but interesting exhibition by Taiwanese students who had created art inspired by and to represent a work of Balzac. Some were quite insightful interpretations but others were utterly bizarre and I could not find much relevance in them.


Afterwards we went to the Rodin Museum which I had already visited but back in November. The gardens have since transformed with the coming of Spring and now amongst the statues you can smell the lovely purple blossom, and the green leaves of the trees.






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