Les Catacombes


We finally got round to visiting the Catacombs this week, and although we had to queue for about an hour, it was worth it! It was almost exactly how I’d imagined it, long dark tunnels and then piles and piles of bones – so rather spooky. But you don’t quite realise their sheer volume until you see them, there must be millions of skeletons down there.. (and according to wikipedia there are in fact, the remains of 6 million people)


I then met Georgia for a coffee at a café near Sevres Babylone, and in the evening we had plans to go to the Louvre but unfortunately had the wrong day for the late night opening, so went for a walk round the Tuileries as it was a beautiful evening. The blossom is all in bloom at the moment, which makes these gardens so lovely. In the evening we went to some Parisian bars.



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