Musée Carnavalet et Les Deux Magots


On wednesday morning, I went over to mum and dads flat for breakfast for the final time. After tidying the flat we went to visit Musée Carnavalet – a museum dedicated to the history of Paris, housing 580,000 objects in two adjoining mansions. There was a lot to see, and unfortunately we didn’t get to see all of it, so I plan to return. Some of the paintings were beautiful, I liked those which showed Paris how it used to be. Women in dresses and men in suits walking along the Champs Elysées, dining in extravagant restaurants. There was a real variety of things to see, from sculptures to furniture, signs to hundreds of paintings..


Afterwards we headed over to Saint Germain de Pres to go to Les Deux Magots where we met Anne and Ken who were in Paris for the weekend. I had always wanted to visit this café since it is so well known for being the preferred spot of the likes of Hemingway and Picasso. I had a croque monsieur which was delish! And we recommended lots of places for Anne and Ken to go, Anne told me they loved the falafel! Mum and Dad had a few hours left in Paris so we walked to the Eglise Saint Chapelle to see the Rose line from the Da Vinci Code which was nearby and they tried their first Ladurée macaron on the way which they loved! Then we went home and had a cup of tea and I helped them with their bags to the Gare du Nord and we said our goodbyes.




One thought on “Musée Carnavalet et Les Deux Magots

  1. We made the blog! How fancy we are (I found it even more incredible), it’s great. Now signed up so following your every move.
    Lots of love Anne xxxxx

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