Chagall, Galettes et les Ours

IMG_1365 La-Danse

On Monday morning I had to go back to school, but afterwards I met Mum and Dad at the musée de Luxembourg to see the Chagall exhibition. It was very good, and I liked how it showed the progression of his painting through where he was living/what he was living through at the time, i.e. the War, then he was deported, then the death of his wife. Dad noticed that there was a goat in almost every painting, he must’ve liked goats! Afterwards we went for dinner and Adam joined us at La Boussole – the compass. I booked the table through lafourchette so I got a 40% discount on the bill which made it very good value. I had the baked seeded camembert followed by duck with a crispy top, tonka bean sauce and homemade mash, it was delicious. For pudding I had a white chocolate panacotta with rhubarb.


The next morning I had school again but I met Mum and Dad for lunch at Au p’tit Grec where we had the most delicious galettes. Mine was cheese, mushrooms, aubergine, potato and salad, mum had one called savoyarde and dads was with feta. Very full, we walked over to the Marais and to the musée de la Chasse et de la Nature. They had changed it since i had last been, they had  temporary exhibition about targets on so they had those all over the place. This time we got to see the tigers properly which were beautiful. Mum and Dad liked the big polar bear. We then walked to Place des Vosges and to Victor Hugo’s house. It was quite small but we walked around a few of the rooms, then went back to the flat as we were tired. We had dinner and watched district 9 about the man who turns into an alien, then I went back home.




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