‘Les Sept Péchés capitaux’


seven deadly sins

Today Paris was very cold and rainy, but I still managed to get myself to an exhbition. And it turned out to be very odd! It was showcasing an artist called Antoine Roegiers. The exhibition was called  ‘Les Sept Péchés capitaux’ – The seven Deadly Sins. It took me a while to find the place, as to the unsuspecting eye it looked like the courtyard into someones house (The second exhibition I wanted to go to I couldn’t even find!) But I eventually found a door which opened, asked if this was the exhibition and a woman said yes and I went in to this small room with white washed walls and 7 tv screens. Made by a 32 year old belgium artist, its a series of drawings of men, women, animals, monsters and machines set into motion in 7 videos representing each of the deadly sins. They were about 3 minutes long and put to eerie music. The whole thing was very weird, I can’t really explain what it was like, so I found this trailer for it on youtube which shows bits of it. Vraiment BIZARRE!!!


 P.S  ♥ Happy Valentines Day ♥


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