Café Tournon


Tuesday was a pretty boring day at school. But today Pandora was in Paris!! I met her at her hotel Le Robinet D’Or at 8, and she showed me her hotel, I met her boss Kim (as they were here for a fabric exhibition for Mulberry) who was very nice and Pandora gave me a whole selection of goodies. We then got a taxi to a restaurant that Kim had visited and enjoyed whilst she lived in Paris, Café Tournon in the 6th district. It was a beautiful restaurant, with an original copper bar and lovely murals on the walls of Les Tuileries and Palatial gardens. It was like something out of Belle Époque. I had duck which was tender and tasty and Pandora had slow cooked lamb and homemade mash which she enjoyed. For dessert Pandora and I had the Crème brûlée which had vanilla seeds and was very rich, creamy and delicious! The waitress recommended a wine which by chance happened to be one which someone had recommended me to try, from Valley de la Loire, Saumur. Kim was very nice and it was lovely to see Pandora, looking forward to her coming back in March and I can show her round Paris! I have just given Marie Laure and Claire a Tunnocks tea cake to try and they both absolutely loved it!







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