It Mylk and Trocadéro Centre


On thursday night I went to see Léa’s new apartment and she made me a delicious dinner,  chicken curry and then a speculos, white chocolate and cream creation which was yum! On saturday I met her to help her make a video presentation of herself for a summer camp job in America she’s applying for, so we went to the Eiffel Tower to film it. But before that we went to get frozen yoghurt from this place called It Mylk and had the most amazing frozen yohgurt. You could chose what toppings you had, I had brownie pieces and strawberry and léa had macarons and brownie. Mmmmmmm!!


After the filming, it was so cold and rainy that we went inside the Trocadéro centre, the massive building behind the Eiffel. We ended up at a maritime museum. There were a lot of big paintings of boats, models of boats etc. Parts were interesting but I think that this is more of a museum for boat fanatics!



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