L’Ombre du fou rire

Yue Minjun - untitled - 1994_A4

On thursday morning I met Claudia at Raspail and we went to the Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain. There was an exhibition called L’Ombre du fou rire on by a chinese contemporary artist Yue Minjun. He is from Beijing and most of his work is based on himself in various settings and colours with his face frozen in laughter. In a lot of his work he repeats his image/face which at times creates a rather sinister picture. The way he perfectly replicates his face several times in each painting is impressive but most of the pictures were really quite odd, though really interesting. He also did this thing where he copied perfectly a well-known painting and then removed certain aspects of it. The work in this collection dated from about 1990-2012, and so was probably the most current art I’ve ever seen.

YMJ_The Sun_A4YMJ_WaterYMJ_Sky 1_A4


We then jumped on the metro to Saint Germain de Pres and Claudia took me to an Italian restaurant she had been to before: Casa Bini. We both had the beef carpaccio which is their speciality and it was delicious! It was served with courgette, pecorino cheese, pine nuts and some crusty tradition. Probably the best carpaccio I’ve ever tasted.


IMG_0443 IMG_0444 IMG_0445

We then had a little walk around the area and went to Ladurée. I’d never been to this one and preferred it to the Champs Elysée one as its much quieter. I had the vanilla and raspberry flavour macarons, which were of course up to the usual standard – to die for!



IMG_0448 IMG_0454 IMG_0452


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