Kathmandu and Quai Branly


On tuesday I cooked for the first time Rabbit. It was a recipe I found online, with veg, prunes and wine, then I added rabbit thighs. It actually tasted really good. Kind of like chicken but the meat had a more delicate taste. On wednesday, I tasted Nepalese food for the first time. We went to a buffet on Rue de Boulangers called Kathmandu €10 all you can eat, and it was really tasty. Salads, rice and several types of curry. The restaurant had a very calm atmosphere and we drank from golden goblets! Apparently in the evening similar dishes can cost up to €40 so its best to go at lunch for value for money. I was certainly full after I left having helped myself to three platefuls!


IMG_0318 IMG_0331 IMG_0339 IMG_0345 IMG_0351

We then ventured into Paris and walked through the Tuileries towards L’Orangerie. It was a beautiful day, and the first warm-ish day we’ve had in Paris for a long time. I had visited the Orangerie once before when Heidi and Nick came, but today it was a lot less busy, and a much nicer ambience to enjoy the art. The white oval room with Monet’s waterlilies in particular.







We wondered over the river along a lovely bridge with love locks towards Musée Quai Branly. Its a museum of indigenous art and culture from Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Americas. It was absolutely vast and showcasing SO much stuff. We were really too exhausted to see everything, but some of the artifacts were interesting. I liked the totem pole and they had this series of crazy masks too. When we left, it was dark outside and all these little lights had come on in the gardens around the building which looked lovely. It felt like some kind of science fiction film. I then walked round the corner to see Claudia before heading home.

IMG_0363 IMG_0370 IMG_0374 IMG_0375 IMG_0385 IMG_0387 IMG_0394 IMG_0395 IMG_0404 IMG_0407 IMG_0428


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