Le Quartier Chinois


Today we decided to have a wonder around my district (the 13th, also known as Le Quartier Chinois) along Avenue de Choisy. There were certainly a lot of chinese people there and Adam spotted a few accidental chinese hipsters! We’d found what was recommended to be one of the most popular chinese restaurants in the area called Tricotin. It didn’t look like much from the outside, but was packed – always a good sign!

We went in and were shown to a table. They obviously do a very quick turn around here as my seat was still warm! To start I had these fried dumplings like gyoza with some kind of meat inside, it may have been pork which were tasty with some ginger and soy sauce. A lot of people were having dumplings which looked good too! Then I had a beef and pak choi noodles dish which was quite nice, and was a very generous portion I couldn’t manage it all. Unfortunately Adams duck wasn’t so good as it was quite fatty, but the general ambience of the restaurant was nice and plenty of people coming and going. We then had a look around a supermarket on the walk back, and there was SO much chinese food, and loads of really exotic fruit. They even had those Durian fruit which stank!


IMG_0186 IMG_0192 IMG_0197 IMG_0199 IMG_0204 IMG_0205


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