La cuisine Français et Lebanese

I have been back in Paris for just over a week now since Christmas. Just as weird as suddenly returning to England after so long was returning to Paris after the long break. All is the same as ever in Paris. The first week back at school was okay and not too challenging. I can’t say I’ve done all that much since being back, just settling in and catching up with friends.

On tuesday night I went to a restaurant with the boys near the Eiffel Tower (in the 7th). It was called Café Constant at 139 Rue Saint-Dominique 75007 Paris. There was a 30 minute wait as anticipated by the reviews online about its popularity and so we walked around the surrounding area a little. Soon we were sat down in the upstairs part which had a contemporary design but a cosy feel. I shared a prawn tart for starters which was actually very tasty (I like prawns now!) And for main I chose the beef with homemade mash. The meat was lovely and tender and the mash very creamy! The prices were reasonable at €11 for a starter and €16 for a main. I couldnt handle dessert but the profiteroles looked really good!! It is owned by a well-known french chef, Christian Constant who also owns a michelin star restaurant on the same road.  They had these little postcards for the restaurant and on them this lovely little message:

“Ici nous faisons la cuisine de brasserie traditionnelle, inspirée des recettes de grandmère. C’est un lieu où l’on peut venir prendre un café et un croissant le matin, un déjeuner en toute simplicité, un verre à n’importe quel moment de la journée. En un mot un vrai bistrot parisien”

– Christian Constant et Eduardo Jacinto


On saturday, after a shopping trip with Léa, we met up with Claudia and some of her friends from Bristol university who are all studying/working in Paris. We went to a Lebanese restaurant near Grands Boulevards called Cedrus at 17 Boulevard Montmartre  75002 Paris. It looked a bit deserted at first, but we were quite a large group. The restaurant wasn’t up to much but you could tell it was authentic lebanese. For starters we had humus and falafel, both of which were delicious, the latter crisp on the outside and great taste and texture on the inside. I chose some kind of chicken kofta with humus and taboulé (which I am told was the real taboulé with hardly any couscous in at all. He overheard me explaining it to Léa and corrected me!) The portions were huge, so much so I dont think anyone finished but the food was very nice. No room for dessert! They managed to get 30% discount (after booking the table through lafourchette online which made it a good value, tasty, and authentic meal



Back to England tomorrow for Mum’s birthday tomorrow and then the annual Youth Hostel at the weekend!


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