Lycée Jules Ferry


Today was my last day working at Lycée Jules Ferry this year. Its a good school, but I’m glad I’m no longer a student and I’m finally on the other side of school life. I’m now in the staffroom not the playground!

My work has been easy all term, so far I havent actually been asked to take any actual classes, just small groups, of maximum 6 students, usually 2 and go to a different classroom and chat to them. I am really just being used to listen to them practice their oral exam for April. I explain what is expected of them, give them some time to prepare and then we have a sort of mock oral and I give them a mark, and fill in a little sheet. The students are mainly quite sweet. I think it helps that I’m teaching a subject whom the majority seem to enjoy and understand the importance of. They all have a good level on the whole as I’ve been focused onto the older students, some of whom are the same age as me!!

The teachers are also very nice. The staffroom early in the morning reminds me of the first street scene in Beauty and the Beast. Belle is walking down the street singing and then suddenly all these people pop out of nowhere saying

“Bonjour. Bonjour. Bonjour, bonjour, bonjour!!”

….. This is what its like in the staffroom, bonjours flying all over the place. I mainly just talk to the english teachers but some of them occasionally greet me. And one time I was texting someone in the corridor (and they have a very strict no phone policy with the students here) and this little french man was shouting “PORTABLE!!” at me. I had no idea he was talking to me so he kept shouting, then I realized and had to explain to him I was the new english assistant. Rather awkward in front of the students but I think he did feel bad afterwards! He now calls me his favourite pupil…..


The school is fairly old and is a circular shape, with the big court in the middle. The décor in the classrooms is very nice, each has an original mural border on the walls. But every classroom is also equipped with computers and most have smartboards too so its also very modern which is great!

I have just started reading The Casual Vacancy – J.K’s new book and am really enjoying it so far. I’m not expecting it to match up to Harry Potter but I quite like its total mundane, everyday life slant she seems to have adopted to separate it from her previous works. Stay tuned for my final review! Tomorrow afternoon I depart for England. Back home for christmas for 2 weeks and am very excited! The shops are christmassy here and starbucks but apart from that not feeling that christmassy yet. Its all normal lessons at school as far as I know and there are no decorations up in the appartment. I’m relishing the thought of getting home and making tray upon tray of christmas sweeties!






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