La Cinémathèque française et les escargots!!


On thursday night, after a spot of shopping at Galeries LaFayette we made a little group outing to La Cinémathèque française at Bercy (in the south east of Paris – fairly near me) We saw a film called play time directed by some famous director – Jaques Tati whom I had never heard of, but I’m sure Miranda will know him! The film was a mixture of french and english really as it was about a group of tourists who were visiting Paris – this big group of chattering women getting on and off buses and taking lots of photos in awkward places and then combined with this clumsy, buffoon of a man who kept making mistakes to hilarious effect. It was an interesting experience!


School was the same as usual on friday. I had a bad experience at the supermarket though, I rushed all the way to the massive Carrefour after work and collected all my things and I had a whole basket full that I’d been lugging around the supermarket. I was in a rush to meet Léa but everything was fine until I got to the checkout and I realised I’d forgotten all my money. Quel desastre!


Anyway I’ll be returning tomorrow morning to re collect all my things! I then met Léa afterwards at a house viewing she was at (which turned out to be no good) and then we decided to go to Saint-Michel for dinner. She’s promised to make me try les escargots so we found a typical french restaurant called La Braserade and had them! They were quite small, and you have these special tools to hold the shell still then to scoop them out. A bit chewy but nice with the garlicky, herby sauce. My palate is maturing!! Afterwards I had the confit of duck and then we both had the tart aux pommes with a complimentary scoop of ice cream – délicieux! The restaurant itself was very cute – lovely if a bit bizarre decorations all over the walls and ceilings. The downside was the bread which was rather chewy baguette . Léa and I both turned our noses up at it! But good ambience, great snails and lovely company.




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