On sunday night, I went to Franglish with Claudia. Safe to say one of the most strange experiences of my life. We went in a little unsure when we arrived, but we were soon given name tags and a voucher for a free drink. We got our drinks and went to our assigned tables and met our first partners! The whole idea of Franglish is kind of like speed dating but with languages as the focus. So its a mix of french and english and you have several different partners, chatting to each person for 15 minutes in total, 7 minutes in french and then the organiser lady comes over and asks you to swap languages. I think I met about 8 people or something, it went on for about 3 hours I think. It was quite tiring though as you’re constantly talking, thinking in another language and also trying to think of something to say! With some of my partners it was okay, but others were a bit awkward! One guy I just couldn’t hear or understand anything he was saying in french or english!

Unfortunately I didn’t meet anyone I really clicked with, there weren’t a huge amount of young students there, it was mostly mid – 20’s/30’s/40’s. And you don’t get the chance to talk to everyone as there’s quite a few people at each event I think. But it was a good idea and I did get to speak a lot of french which was good! I may go again, but I don’t think its something I would do every week – though I met a few people who did do it every week.



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