La Conciergerie


On tuesday night Georgia had a fête de noël which was good fun. I made a carrot cake on the monday night which was surprisingly successful. Maybe my new speciality, everyone loved it! Then on thursday I met up with a fellow ELA, Claudia. We decided to go to La Conciergerie found on the west of the Île de la Cité. It is the former royal palace and prison of Paris, and it was where hundreds of prisoners were kept during the French Revolution to be executed including Marie Antoinette. We saw the cell she was kept in, along with other cells which was interesting. The main part of the museum was this huge room full of paintings and accompanied by detailed historical accounts. But then it went into modern day influences, which included a section about the gothic genre and then a whole load of different representations of castles including those from disney and harry potter. So it was quite interesting, and I’d imagine even more so if you were knowledgeable about the history of France! We also got a starbucks and they got my name wrong… – again! I went to the supermarket on the way home as I plan to make the Hummingbird Summer fruit baked cheesecake for Marie Laure and Claire this weekend. Never made a baked cheesecake before so we’ll see how that turns out!


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