The Pompi, Falafel and Monet


On the first sunday of every month in Paris, a lot of the museums are free, so we had decided to do a couple of museums today. Unfortunately we hadn’t quite anticipated the queues. They were ridiculous! We went to the Pompidou Centre – the second most visited museum in the world after the Louvre, a pretty impressive feat! But we had to queue for about an hour… Luckily we had bought 3 delicious pavés au chocolat from one of my favourite patisseries near Rory’s flat. Its like a pain au chocolat, but flatened and with crème patissière inside – absolutely delicious!! It was freezing standing still in the queue but eventually we were in and we explored the musuem, i had already seen some of it but not the upper floors. We saw the famous Chagall painting with the goat playing the violin which was good. It’s mostly very modern art, some of which is rather bizarre but some impressive and interesting. The view from the top floor of the Pompidou is also very impressive. You can see the Sacré Coeur to your right and the Tour Eiffel to your left amidst the rooftops of Paris.


I then took them to see La musée de la Chasse et de la Nature. Obviously no-one really knows about this museum  there were hardly any others there like the last time I went so we strolled straight in, and Heidi and Nick were as I was impressed by all the magnificent animals. We then wondered around and were feeling hungry so I took them to the Jewish district where I had been a couple of weeks back for a falafel. We only paid for 2 but since there was such a bustle and no-one was taking the falafels we managed to get 3 which was definitely a success – well done Heids! (one of our many savings during the trip!!) They’re really good falafels, a nice fresh pitta filled with vegetable falafels, loads of salad, humous and sauce. Would definitely recommend Chez H’anna – 54 Rue de Rosiers.



Then we walked through the Tuileries and over to L’Orangerie. There was a bit of a queue again, but it moved fairly quickly, and the museum was lovely. There was a big oval room with Monets all around and seats in the middle so the idea was that you just sat and stared at them. Unfortunately we didn’t have an enormous amount of time as I had to meet Léa (my new french friend!) and they had to catch their eurostar. But there were some lovely works of art there and a good variety. So sunday evening brought the weekend to a close and I said goodbye to Heids and Nick, but we had a great time : )


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