Musée Rodin et du bœuf


On saturday morning, we met early and had a pastry for breakfast. I tried to show them the Marché de Mouffetard but it wasn’t on. I have later discovered that it isn’t a weekly thing and the one I went to a couple of weeks back was a big brocante which moves around Paris! We then decided to visit the Musée Rodin , which is in the south east of Paris fairly near the Eiffel Tower. There were the Rodin gardens which had several statues in and then  the house which he used to live in was a museum of his work. We saw the classics including ‘the thinker’ and ‘the kiss’ – mums favourite and also a lot of studies of Balzac which were bizarre!

the kiss



Afterwards we decided to walk around the 13th district and headed for the Tour Eiffel. Heidi has some good photos on her camera of us holding it which was funny! We sat by the Trocadero for a while as we were exhausted with all the walking and the sun was shining and then we walked towards the Champs Elysées as I wanted to take them to Ladurée. I had to have the hot chocolate again as it was so delicious. We had more macarons and Nick had an eclair which was very tasty! We were sat in a room upstairs which felt very posh! We then walked around towards Opéra to try and digest a little before dinner. We went to Galeries Lafayette but since it’s almost christmas and it was a saturday afternoon it was absolutely packed!! Then we headed over the the restaurant which Heidi had found out about in London. It was called Relais de Venise L’Entrecôte.  It was basically steak and chips but there was this special sauce which some little old french lady had created which you have there with the steak. I couldn’t really describe it to be honest, it was green-y coloured and had a slight taste of oyster sauce but was nice. The other odd thing was that you got your meal in two portions, (after the salad starter) So after the table had mostly finished their first plate the rather brusk waitress would come and give you another helping of steak and chips. It sounds a lot but the plates were small to compensate. I certainly managed to eat all mine! The chips were good and the sauce was interesting, but it was €25 a head which we decided was a bit much considering the salad wasn’t anything special and that didn’t include any wine or pudding. Heidi was slightly disappointed but we thought it was still quite tasty.



Then I nipped back to their hotel with them as Heidi had brought over lots of english necessities for me – a lot of chocolate and tea! : )  a percy pig advent calendar and a big tin of heros from mum to give to my colocataires, they will love it!


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