Montmartre et le Refuge des Fondus.




So on friday after I finished school at 4.30 Heidi and Nick were waiting for me just outside. It was rather surreal to see them there I must say but very nice to see familiar faces. I showed them my school and then we walked up along boulevard de clichy past the Moulin Rouge up to Montmartre. We walked up to the top and saw the beautiful view of the city and then visited Le Sacré Coeur, lovely as ever and very warm inside!! Then we had a little walk around Montmartre, saw some artistes and went into a few shops. We also stumbled upon this lovely little Marché de Noël and had a warming cup of spicy vin chaud. Having worked up quite an apetite by this point we walked to Le Refuge des Fondus, a fondue restaurant which Miranda had recommended to us. From the outside it doesn’t look very much and its quite small, but we bustled in and were sent to take our coats off and sat down – luckily on the end of the bench so we didn’t have to climb over! From out of nowhere, 3 little cocktails arrived and then little finger foods in little individual bowls, like olives, cheese, salami and these really spicy potatoes. They only asked two questions, meat or cheese, red or white. We went for 2 cheese and 1 meat and had red wine. It came in a baby bottle which was utterly bizarre at first but we soon got used to it! The cheese fondue was delicious: crusty tradition covered with thick melted cheese. And the meat fondue was tasty too, we got a decent amount of meat and it was nice with the little selection of sauce they also give you. We seemed to arrive at the perfect time because we walked straight in and it soon got very busy and there was a queue outside the door by the time we left. All in all great atmosphere, good fondue, wine (and tinned fruit as pudding included too in the €21!)



Afterwards I took them to see the Christmas market along the Champs Elysées. It was beautiful at night and there was a bit more of a bustle. We tasted a chocolatey meringue thing which was good! And then sufficiently cold but still full of fondue we headed back to our flat/hotel.


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