L’Aquarium de Paris

On sunday, I went to the Aquarium de Paris. On timeout it had fairly good reviews and they raved about it in one of my guidebooks so decided to pay the €15 entry fee. There were quite a few fish there I guess. The best bits were probably at the start of the museum where they had lots of brightly coloured and exotic fish and crustaceans and you could see them really close up. There was also a short film about the running of the aquarium and how they deal with injured sharks that was interesting and challenging to understand all in french! Then came the most exciting part I think – the touching pool! They had a pool full of coi carp of varying sizes, (some were huge!) and you could just kneel down and put your hands in the water and touch them quite freely. No supervision, nothing (-so european!) just a few signs saying don’t feed them, but of course the french being french were throwing in bits of croissant and there were huge feeding frenzies. It was okay for us though as we went over and got to touch loads of fish. They were pretty slimy, and I did feel bad for them. Hardly much of a life swimming round in that tiny shallow tank all day being grabbed at by people and fed food which may or may not kill you. The big tank had a range of fish in it, mostly larger ones, a weird eel and sharks!! Though I must say the sharks were on the small side, they were the ones which have black tipped fins. They had tried to make a tunnel going through the tank but it was only one side of it was made from glass, which made it slightly less impressive. It was a good aquarium but I think I’ve been spoilt having visited the Great Barrier Reef!


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