Cojean et L’avenue des Champs-Élysées

Today I met a friend for lunch and we went to the french equivalent of eat/pret. It’s called Cojean, the main colour theme of the place was a lovely fresh baby blue, and they have this pretty cool website with some nice music on it: They even had little grass patches on white tabletops dotted about, it was great! The prices were similar to pret, though they had a better variety of foods, little pots, types of sandwiches, rolls, soups, cakes, smoothies, biscuits. I had a nice warming soup, which was carrot, orange and honey flavoured – very unusual, but tasty! Then we went to Bon Marché Grand Epicerie. Its a big department store in Paris and they have a whole separate floor for food from all over the world. Its a bit like selfridges. We had to try one of the macarons as they looked so delicious! I had a salted caramel one which was to die for!

I then went to the Champs Elysées to check out the christmas market they have on there at the moment. The huge road was lined with little white huts which were offering du vin chaud, les gaufres, tartiflette and all sorts of homemade gifts. There were christmas lights all along and decorating the trees. It certainly was beautiful and I imagine even more so by night. Something which I had noticed a while ago whilst living here and walking many of the streets of Paris is the pervading presence of the french flag displayed on the roads everywhere. And here they had even more, one about every 3 metres! Very patriotic when it comes to showing their flag it seems!


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