Les Dingues

On friday night, we decided to go out for dinner to celebrate us settling in in Paris. We had all finally found a place to live and recieved our bankcards! Les dingues was recommended online on ‘Top 10 Paris Bistrots for those on a budget’ – http://www.ifood.tv/blog/top-10-paris-bistrots-for-those-on-budget as an authentic bistro at resonable prices, nearish to Gare de Lyon. It was down a rather souless road, but we soon found it, and although it wasnt very busy that night, it looked charming. We all had the set menu which was €14 for 3 courses. To start I had the ‘bruschette de bruzzes’ which was tasty, followed by steak and chips and all accompanied by a fresh, crispy tradition of course! The puddings weren’t so great though, I had the ‘crème aux œufs cannelle-orange’ which seemed to have curdled slightly and we weren’t quite sure on the orange and cinnamon together… All the same it was a nice restaurant, good service, delicious bread and steak!



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