Le Musée Depuytren et le Jardin de Plantes

Yesterday, we decided to make use of our cineday 2for1 on a mardi and go to the cinema. We saw Looper, the new thriller with Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I thought it was good, I liked the concept of the loopers. People who are employed to kill people sent back from the future. We went to a little independent cinema near Cluny la Sorbonne called MK2 Hautefeuille.

Today we had decided to go to La Musée Depuytren. I saw some people talking about it on facebook and thought it looked interesting. Its an anatomical museum with “items illustrating diseases and malformations” There were lots of specimens in jars, some of which were pretty horrible, the deformed foetuses in particular. But it was interesting all the same. Photos were forbidden, but I managed to sneak in a few!

We then explored the 5th district a bit, and walked up to Le Jardin de Plantes. It is the main botanical garden in Paris and also houses several museums and a small zoo. We saw a few animals without entering the zoo which was fairly pricey. Then we went to La Grande Galerie de l’Évolution. It promised a really exciting museum about evolution, however was really just a lot of models of animals and some taxidermy. The museum was very modern and had this weird colour changing roof, but the problem was that it was very dark. In some rooms you couldn’t really see much at all. Which really was quite important in a museum like that exhibiting animals!

Later on we went out to dinner at Breakfast In America. Its basically like the french version of the Breakfast Club (except I dont think its as good – you dont get the same warmth when you walk in, and although I havent tried them, i’m not sure their pancakes will live up!) Anyway, it was quite nice, I had the All-American burger, with red peppers, onions and blue cheese with salad. It was a massive burger and quite tasty although the cheese certainly wasn’t stilton! I’ve started on a stamping card though, and I (only!) have to go another 9 times to get a free meal!



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