“Bonne Journée”

Bonne Journée – two words I heard four times in the space of 30 minutes on a trip out for baguette, eggs and milk this morning! They literally say it all the time here… and for those of you who don’t speak french it means ‘have a good day’

It’s mostly in the boulangeries that I am greeted with a bonne journée possibly due to the daily bread culture here and just nice friendly baker customer service. But I’ve also had tramps say it repeatedly to me and even when I’ve just held the door open for someone. It seems everyone, everywhere here is wishing everyone else good days! Its something you don’t really come across in London quite so much. Only very occasionally will someone working at the till in tesco say thank you very much have a good day. Though you are of course more likely to find that the case in a waitrose in Chelsea rather than a tesco express on holloway road! I’m getting more used to hearing it now and I too have started wishing everyone a bonne journée!!


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