Body Language

Today I had the day off so I decided to go to a ‘mois de la photo’ Timeout Paris had chosen a top five of this exhibition and body language at the Centre Cultural Swisse was one of them. It was a fairly small exhibition and the idea behind it was flesh, whatever its form:

“A l’honneur : le corps humain sous toutes ses coutures, du plus pudique au plus exhibé…”

– translation: “In the spotlight the human body, in all its glory, from the most modest to the most exhibited” It was a rather odd exhibition, due to the eclectic taste of the photographers. The piece I liked best was by an artist called Ugo Rondinone, sans titre. It was a collection of 21 different shots of magazine models in which the face of (a rather ugly) man had been superimposed on each one. The same face each time on all these different girls. It was utterly bizarre to look at, but also interesting in the way that this mans face on these women’s bodies totally changed my perception of the image itself. The women no longer seemed beautiful but grotesque.


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