Espace de Dali

On sunday, I went again to the market on my road and we bought a nice roast chicken and had it with a fresh tradition – the better, crispier version of a baguette, which the french seem to prefer. It was the french version of a sunday lunch!

We then headed up to Montmartre, where we were met with bustling cobbled streets, cafés on either side and buskers on every corner. We’d decided to visit the Espace de Dali, which was a small museum tucked away. It had about 300 pieces of his work in it, ranging from pictures, to sketches to statues, mainly those inspired by literature, which included romeo and Juliet, Alice in Wonderland and the Bible. We basically discovered that Dali was nuts if we didn’t already know that! We then had a little stroll around Montmartre. Really starting to feel the chill of the Parisian winter now, it was really cold up there. We went into the Sacré Coeur which was lovely and warm, full of people looking around, praying or lighting candles. We stayed half an hour of Mass which involved several singing nuns and was rather surreal. Adam and Rory swore they saw a guy from JLS : G.B Jill sitting behind us. I’ve just searched it and turns out it was him! First celeb spot in Paris..

We each had a nutella crepe as we walked back to the métro and headed back to our respective new french flats after meeting Georgia on her return to Paris.

It was our first day back at school today after our long break and I now know that teachers feel the same way as students about the first day back at school! It wasn’t difficult really, waking up was probably the hardest part after many late starts last week. It was also just super cold today, so I plan on wearing a much thicker jumper tomorrow!


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