Palais de la Découverte

Yesterday we discovered the Palais de la Découverte. We went to a temporary exhibition called Betes de Sexe. It had been moved from a museum in London to Paris I think. Was a fairly interesting exhibition, but quite small. There were more stuffed animals here too!

The rest of the museum wasn’t that impressive, it seemed fairly low budget and a bit run down. There was quite a lot of interactive parts and things going on but I think it was more for young children and families. The building itself was beautiful, it has a grand entrance with big steps leading up to the door and the central hallway is huge with a massive dome window above and lovely tiled floor below. It was created in 1937 as a museum to show “science in the making”  but it could do with an update I think. After the museum, we went for a walk along the Seine. Then went for dinner at a little restaurant near Bastille, Chez Paul. I had some delicious french onion soup topped with cheesy bread for starters. And then we had a sharing dish, which was this really succulent leg of lamb with vegetables and potatoes.  Definitely a recommended restaurant!



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