Marché Brocante Mouffetard

Today, we went to the Marché Brocante Mouffetard in the 5ième arrondisement. It was a really nice market. The area was really nice, lovely little french boutiques. So many lovely little food places, cobbled streets, baguettes, cheese and wine everywhere. So quintessentially french! The market had everything, from fruit and veg stores to brocante varying in price, so vintage clothing, to silverware and door handles (which Pandora would have loved!) I bought a couple of christmas presents. We stumbled on this lovely little Mediterranean food boutique called Mavrommatis and had a kréatopitta which was like pastry filled with lamb, cheese and flavoured with mint – it was really tasty! We walked from Jussieu all the way up to my road along Les Gobelins to Place d’Italie. Then we tasted some chinese food from a little restaurant in Le quartier Chinois which is right near me!


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