The trip to the musée de la Chasse et de la Nature was followed by a trip to the Centre Georges pompidou. Its this massive building with ‘inside out’ architecture, and so also a pretty iconic building in the centre of Paris. The Pompidou is basically like the french version of the Tate Modern, full of wacky modern art. Its all displayed over several floors, and since it was already quite late, we just decided again to do one floor, so went to gallery 1. We saw a huge array of paintings, sculptures, photographs which were interesting to look at. Some better than others! There was one which was utterly bizarre. Basically looked like a load of tights hanging from a net and inside the tights at the bottom was a load of spice. I liked it though as when you got nearer you could really smell the kind of oriental/moroccan-y scents.


One exhibition in particular I enjoyed was “Voici Paris”It was a collection of photographs from 1920-1950 taken by the leading photographers in Paris “aiming to show the rich diversity of this collection and to spotlight photography in France at a time when the French capital attracted leading creators on the international scene”. The exhibition featured about 300 prints said to reflect the main trends of the period. There was a real mix of photos, mostly featuring portraits of people. But I enjoyed the collection.


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