La Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature

On sunday, whilst on the look out for a photography exhibition in Paris called ‘Mois de la photo’ Rory and I stumbled on a gem of a museum. It was a museum of hunting and nature. When we walked in, we didn’t know the name nor what to expect, so when the first room contained a huge stuffed Polar bear, we were pretty impressed! It wasn’t even in a glass case, so you could actually touch it! The museum was an old mansion and was beautifully decorated, high ceilings, dark mahogany walls…. There were all sorts of bizarre hunting photos on the walls, of dogs ripping apart animals and dead dears lying in forests all of which were kind of vicious  but nevertheless magnificent. The most amazing room was a big room full of taxidermy, from mooses, to deers, to leopards, to tigers to gazelles!! They were beautiful, all lined up at the top of the ceiling and lining the walls below them, the guns that killed them. The museum really did have this man v nature aspect to it with all the guns next to the dead animals which was pretty sinister. It was a really impressive museum though and definitely one that I will take people too…

Also, just to show how expensive the Marais in Paris is, this is a tart/some kind of quiche we saw in a patisserie. Check out the euros on that! 


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