Musée du Louvre -1

The Musée du Louvre is the world’s most visited museum. Its an iconic landmark in the centre of Paris, on the right bank of the Seine, and it houses over 35,000 objects and works of art. It has more than 8 million visiters each year. Pretty spectacular!

The place is massive, and how people manage to do it any justice in one day is beyond me. Since we’ve got at least another 9 months in Paris, we decided to do it properly, vowing to see everything. According to Georgia, this would take us 3 months… According to yahoo answers:

“To see each of the 35,000 art objects in the Louvre, taking 60 seconds for each, would take roughly 25 days each of a full 24 hours.”

I don’t plan on spending 25 days in the Louvre, so I’m not spending 60 seconds on each item! Yesterday we went to the late night opening they have every friday till about 9.30pm. It’s free if you’re under 26 as with most museums here. There was a queue but it moved fairly quickly, and soon we were moving down into the pyramid. The size of a museum is usually matched by the size of the map. So this map was huge! We decided to do one floor at a time, start at the bottom and work our way up. So we started at -1. The most impressive part of this was seeing the remains of the castle that stood on the same site before the Louvre was built. Some of the foundations were still intact and they had made a big model of it. There were photographs of the museum being built, and it seemed incredible how they managed to build such a huge underground space right in the centre of Paris. We also saw the Sainte Marie-Madeleine Sculpture which we decided looked quite a bit like me! The Museum is split up into several sections, one called Sully, another Richelieu and Denon. We looked at all three and saw various sculptures and medieavel paintings – some of which were better than others! However since it was fairly late and we’d had a long day at the library we were too tired to finish the entire floor. The Arts d’Islam exhibition is having to wait till the next visit…


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