On tuesday night we went to L’Oya. A café/bar where you can go, pay €5 and choose from a range of about 500 board games collected over the years from all around the world. You stay as long as you want, or until they chuck you out at midnight. The guy who owns it is obviously a board game fanatic and he loved recommending a game and explaining it and checked to see how we were getting on. We played this weird game with cards and symbols where the aim is to get your team of pirates onto the boat first. I won!!! Then we played this other game called Bazar Bizarre, involving grabbing the correct item depending on which card was shown – hard to explain but fun. Georgia won that one! It was a nice place, fairly simple but could be hours of entertainment i’m sure, and just a 10 minute walk down the road from me, at the métro ‘les gobelins’.


Yesterday I had my first taste of rabbit. We found a little french restaurant tucked away near Bastille. It was nice actually, tasted quite like chicken! I also finally got my bank card today which is exciting! – But stil can’t order my french phone contract as I don’t have my internet code. Nevermind!


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