Mon compte bancaire

Today I went to the bank, and finally received my RIB (a piece of paper with all my details on it basically) which I have been waiting for for weeks! The school secretary will definitely be happy when I give it to her tomorrow, she’s been posting ‘Urgent’ post-its on my pigeon-hole practically every day since I got to my school asking for it. The whole french banking experience has been a bit of a nightmare, I tried to skip it all by opening a french bank account in england before I left, but that seemed to make things harder as they managed to lose my application along the way. Mum and I have spend hours in HSBC figuring it all out, but this week I should be finally set up (as soon as my internet banking code arrives at Valley road that is!) It wasn’t so bad at the bank though, because this week there’s a mini-heatwave. Today was a glorious day, and my bank is on the Rue de Rivoli and next door to this, Hôtel de Ville…



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