Bacardi Beginnings

The Bacardi Beginnings event last month was a hit. Tasty Mexican burritos, flower embellished cocktails, the world’s first 3D printed record and great music – what more could you ask for.

Kele has a new track called Down Boy which is out now, so check it out!

Here’s a video showcasing the event:


World’s first 3D printing record store opens in London!

Kele Okereke, Bobbie Gordon and Kate Moross upstairs in Seven, Brixton Market for Bacardi Beginnings 5/11/2013

On Friday 13 – Saturday 14 December, the world’s first 3D record printing shop will open in central London!! Starring Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke and his chosen emerging artist Bobbie Gordon releasing their brand-new, original track ‘Down Boy’ (BACARDÍBeginnings)on 3D printed record – the very first time an original track will released and sold this way. 3D printing is really exciting, you can pretty much print anything, so this event marks a real milestone in technological developments. And I can’t wait to hear how the vinyl sounds!

A launch party to celebrate the release of the track and 3D printed limited edition vinyls will take place on Thursday 12th December, (and I am one of the lucky few on the guestlist!) with Kele Okereke and Bobbie Gordon performing their new track ‘Down Boy’ (BACARDÍ Beginnings) for the very first time. Fans can win tickets to the party and see 3D printing in action by keeping an eye on the BACARDÍ UK Facebook page.

Each record, priced at £10 will also be sold in limited edition record sleeves specially designed by Kate Moross. Famed for her energetic style and love of three sided shapes and typography, the London based illustrator, designer and art director has created four different cover designs for fans to choose from. Plus free food, free cocktails – whats not to like?!

Here’s a sneak peak of whats in store:

Event Preview – Cutty Cargo hits London

I haven’t written a post since I left Paris, but now that I’ve returned to London, I thought I’d write about my life here. Where better to start than an event I’m going to tonight – Cutty Cargo. A launch party by Cutty Sark blended whiskey to celebrate creativity in the city. It’s a tour of some of the world’s greatest cities including New York, and tonight it’s hitting London!  Exciting talent from across London will be brought together in one place for one night only in an amazing giant reproduction of a wooden cargo crate used to smuggle Cutty sark whiskey into America 90 years ago! Here’s a sneak preview of what it will look like..


The night will incldue a performance by singing sensation Jessie Ware who will be singing tracks from her incredible debut album Devotion. Also London based DJ Duke Dumont playing a high energy set. 

Tingle your taste buds with burgers supplied by the hottest restaurant in central London MEAT liquor and quench your thirst with cocktails from 69 Colebrooke Row cocktail bar, as well as whiskey of course. As for me, I’m excited for the burlesque performance of the West End sensation Miss Polly Rae, one of the Uk’s leading burlesque stars, best known for her dazzling performance in ‘The Hurly Burly ShowImage



So if all that’s not tempting you, I don’t know what will! To find out more information about the Cutty Cargo London event and details on how to get yourself there, visit:





Au revoir Paris

23rd May 2013

My final few days in Paris came about rather fast, and before I knew it I was packing up all my things and saying my goodbyes. I was sad to leave the bedroom that I’d been living in for 7 months and was teary saying goodbye to Marie-Laure and Claire, but they both invited me to come back and stay anytime I liked, and I hope that I will one day meet them again. I can’t really sum up my 8 months living in Paris in a few sentences, but I’m happy to be able to look back in years to come on everything that I did there on this blog. I had a wonderful year in Paris and would love to return in the future.


Ellen arrives in Paris…


Ellen arrived in Paris on saturday afternoon, and after a quick tour of the flat and a welcome pain au chocolat, we got onto the metro and headed over to Paris’s most famous department store – Galleries LaFayette. Then I took her to the Chanel exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo which she enjoyed and I enjoyed (again).


Sunday morning, we had a few hours of decent weather, so we went first to the Arc de Triumphe.  I think those steps were getting harder and harder to climb rather than easier as the year went on! Then we walked down along the Champs Elysées and saw my favourite Toutankhamon impersonator and had a photo with him. We walked through La Place de la Concorde and along my favourite bridge, Le Pont Alexandre III, through the Tuileries and to Angelina where we had white hot chocolate! Afterwards we went to Notre Dame and lit a candle for Ellen’s grandma. We had to take shelter in the church a while as it was raining to heavily! We had cheese fondue for dinner in the 5th arrondissement, and went home that evening feeling very full!


We went out early in hope of some better weather and went to the lock bridge – Le Pont des Arts and we put on a lock and threw the keys into the Seine. We had hoped to visit the Louvre, but since it was raining and also a bank holiday, everyone seemed to have the same idea so the queue was massive! We walked instead along the rue de rivoli, saw a little market along the way and went to the Pompidou, and saw some wacky modern art. Then walked through the Marais, browsed some vintage shops and got a macaron from Ladurée on the way home! After dinner, we went back out in the rain and got the metro to the Eiffel Tower so that Ellen could see it sparkling at night time. And despite the rain, it was magnificent.

On her final day, we got our patisserie and then went on a boat trip along the Seine. Afterwards we headed up to Montmartre to admire the view over Paris. And I went into the Sacré Coeur for the last time, and we sat and had a coffee overlooking the artists square, while a man sung to us with his guitar. That afternoon, Ellen had to leave, so I helped her with her bag to the station (which was full of my stuff) and said goodbye..

Ron Mueck et Cimetière du Père Lachaise

ron mueck

I met Claudia, and we went to an exhibition at the Cartier Fondation de l’Art Contemporain with an artist called Ron Mueck, a hyperrealist sculptor. He makes these incredibly life-like sculptures of all different sort of people. The exhibition had about 7 of his pieces. The one I thought was the best was an older couple sitting under a parasol. It really was amazing how real it looked, appart from the fact that it was quite large, you could see shaving spots on the woman’s legs, individual hairs on the eyebrows, and veins under the skin. He also did a woman carrying shopping bags and a baby tucked in her coat, one of a young couple and also one of the artists face which was rather eery. We then watched a documentary which showed how he had made these models which was fascinating. It takes a lot of work! We both really enjoyed the exhibition and I’d definitely go and see his work again if I had the opportunity.

Eye Catching Sculpture of Women Shopping with her baby

Afterwards I went to Père Lachaise cemetery which I had long wanted to visit. I saw the graves of the great french writers Molière, La Fontaine, Balzac. And the famous grave of Oscar Wilde which is now clean, no longer covered with kisses, protected with glass and surrounded by a metal barrier…. It somewhat took the magic out of it I must say. The cemetery felt so very peaceful, and though huge, I enjoyed walking around it as it was such a beautiful day.

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